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A British wellness technology firm has createdthe world’s first adaptive oxygen therapy machine that helps people feeldecades younger in only weeks and can transform the lives of those sufferingwith a range of injuries and health issues.

While there are other oxygen therapy machines onthe market, and altitude training chambers, thinAir is special because it isthe only adaptive device, which changes the amount of oxygen automatically,depending on how the user is reacting.

If the user’s body is finding the machine easy,thinAir will automatically reduce the amount of oxygen they are receiving, andlikewise, if the sensors detect the patient is finding it difficult, it willincrease the amount of oxygen.

In short, thinAir makes sure that the user isworking at their maximum lung capacity for the entire 40-60 minute session,triggering the body’s response to improve and repair.

thinAir founder Christopher  Kavanagh has spent the last 12 years workingon the device, including getting help from top designers and healthcareprofessionals.

Christopher said: “Combining the science of intermittenthypoxic therapy with sophisticated software, we have created a world first inadaptive oxygen therapy that is changing the way people live.

“By stimulating the removal ofinflammation from the brain and body, you can begin a process of recovery frominjury, repair and elimination of damaged cells and the regeneration of newcells full of vitality.

‍“We work with people of all ages and allphysical abilities to help you to achieve your goals – there are no barriers tousing thinAir.

“I’ve spoken to people who say they feeland look ten years younger after just three weeks using our machine.

“Other people have been able to recoverfully from horrific accidents or debilitating medical conditions.

“Chronic pain can become a thing of thepast with thinAir, as it helps the body repair and regenerate damaged tissuesfar faster than natural, reducing damage and inflammation and boosting redblood cell counts.”

thinAir can be used for a huge variety ofreasons, including slowing the ageing process, relieving chronic pain andhelping boost mental clarity and brainpower.

It also helps improve athletic performance andaids sleep and relaxation.

The patented thinAir technology stimulates thenatural production of serotonin which is essential to synthesize melatonin andregulate the body's biological clock.

Christopher added : “AtthinAir we specialise in a revolutionary oxygen therapy that deliverspersonalised programmes to support your body to Recover, Repair and Regenerate.

‍“And up until this point, thinAir has spread toa network of clinics across the country through word of mouth exclusively.

“We find that after about 12 sessions,people start feeling massive health benefits.

“People notice them looking and feelingbetter too, how good their skin looks, how much they are glowing, and they ask ‘how?’

“thinAir is so different to anythingelse on the market.

“Altitude training machines have beenaround for a while, but those machines don’t adapt to the user.

“That is fundamentally why our oxygentherapy system is so revolutionary – it delivers personalised programmes tosupport your body to recover, repair and regenerate.

“The science behind the device,intermittent hypoxic therapy, is well known in medical circles as being hugelybeneficial.

“But until now, those benefits have beenlocked behind technical issues.

“We have fully automated intermittenthypoxic therapy, so users, whether they are in one of our therapy suites or inthe comfort of their own home, can get the maximum benefit from only shortsessions, without needing to have a medical professional on hand to change thelevels of oxygen they are experiencing through analysing readings.”

thinAir operates on three levels – thinAir,thinAir Sport for people in good physical shape, and thinAir Elite for toplevel athletes.

The programme each user takes on is designedspecifically for them through the machine, so they make effective use of theirtime.

New users are encouraged to complete 15 40-60minute sessions over the course of three weeks, and can expect to begin to seebenefits after the second week is complete.

Christopher said: “Allthe benefits are achieved without physical exercise.

“Strange as it may seem, by simplysitting in a comfortable chair and just breathing, you can achieve a superiorlevel of wellness and fitness.

“It is exercise without exercising – thesimulator does all the hard work whilst you sit back and relax.

“It’s such a strange feeling beingexhausted without feeling like you’ve done anything, but that is the beauty of thinAir – it pushes yourbody to the maximum, without ever going above safe parameters.

“Everybody knows the feeling ofoverdoing it at the gym, and how much that can set your training back.

“With thinAir, you never feel like that,because the smart machine never pushes you beyond your safe limits.

“Our world-leading machines have amulti-level inbuilt safety mechanism that is constantly monitoring andcontrolling the level of oxygen in your bloodstream to ensure your safety andsuccessful results.

“thinAir is the most advanced, and fullyautomated, adaptive oxygen therapy system available.

“Equipped with a multi-level safetymechanism to ensure your safety and offering a range of programmes to meet allof our clients’requirements, getting fit and healthy has never been soenjoyable.”

As well as offering thinAir machines for homepurchase, Chris and his team have leasing options available, and are in talkswith dozens of beauty and wellness clinics nationwide to create thinAir suites,where customers can undergo programmes.

The thinAir system even comes with an app thatallows users to track their wellness, and see how much their lungs and generalhealth has improved while using the machines.

As Christopher explained : “Thekey point of thinAir is the way it adapts in real time to the user’sbody.

“It means their entire session isconducted under optimal conditions – the ‘sweet spot’ that triggers repair and boosts redblood cell production.

“While we find people can see thebenefits of thinAir after only around 12 sessions, for some, who suffer fromchronic pain or are seeking a significant improvement in their skin, need moresessions.

“We’vehad personal trainers and expert physicians tell us that thinAir is the hardestcardiovascular workout you can do.

“thinAir is truly life-changing, and wehave had several users tell us that, through repeated thinAir sessions, theirquality of life has improved so drastically that they have gone from merelyexisting to thriving.

“I don’t think it can get better than that.

“thinAir adapts the oxygen compositionin the air to you. It calculates your data to change the effective altitude, oroxygen saturation, for you.

“While sea level O2 saturation in theair is 21%, our machine operates in the 11-14% region, depending on the user.

“It can go as low as 7%, which we seeonly really for top level athletes, whose bodies can operate at a higher levelthan most people. 7% is the oxygen level at just below the top of Everest.”


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