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Nights plagued by insomnia andrelentless sweating, hot flushes that rise out of nowhere, a libido that’s allbut given up, not to mention dull, lifeless hair and skin that no longer hasthe glow of youthfulness.


Sounds familiar?  As HRT shortages cause distress for millionsof women, the answer to relieving the misery of the menopause could lie in aground-breaking new wellness adaptive oxygen therapy, thinAir.


The menopause hit Feriel Clark like athunderbolt, one which so many women the world over can empathise, as thestruggle to overcome the symptoms of the menopause becomes the dominating forcein everyday life.


But this spirited mother of two teens,from leafy Lymm in Cheshire, was determined not to let the menopause ruin herlife and as she reached her milestone 50th birthday, Feriel took a bold stepthat has changed her life for the better.


With lustrous blonde hair, glowing,flawless skin, bright eyed and with a petite figure clad in skinny jeans and acerise pink sweater, Feriel could easily pass for a vibrant woman in her earlyforties.


In fact, Feriel is 52 and fitter thanshe has ever been. The shoulder pain that plagued her training routine hasgone. The symptoms of the menopause banished forever and with a zest for lifethat would put others in the shade, Feriel eagerly explains just how she doesit.


“Adaptive Oxygen Therapy has changedmy life,” reveals Feriel.


The use of oxygen therapy is not new,but thinAir is unique because it is the only adaptive device in the world,which changes the amount of oxygen a user receives automatically, depending onhow their body is reacting.


The machine delivers personalisedoxygen therapy programmes to support an individual in order to allow the bodyto recover, repair and regenerate.

Two years ago, a friend who had alsobeen experiencing the debilitating effects of the menopause, introduced Ferielto a small but mightily powerful machine that stood in the lounge at her home.


The thinAir adaptive oxygen therapymachine is no bigger than a bedside table, and Feriel says it has completelytransformed her life, physically and mentally.


Feriel, a former senior salesexecutive, lives with her husband Roger, 55, their two children, 13-year-oldson Seb, and daughter Ava, 16.


“I did not want to start taking HRT.I’ve never been one for taking medication if it can be helped. But I hit themenopause and wham, everything about me started to change.


“I’d always been relatively fit,training regularly, and then I started to get all these little problems, thatquickly added up and started ruining my life. I was not sleeping as well,getting hot flushes and I was suffering from a pain in my right shoulder thatwould just not go away, impacting on my fitness.


“I went through weeks of not beingable to sleep and I could not shake off my shoulder pain.  


“I knew it was all to do with themenopause. I have always been interested in keeping fit and healthy but for thefirst time in my life I felt like I was in a real battle, and I was not on thewinning side.”


Determined to steer away from invasivebeauty treatments like Botox and fillers, Feriel was also keen to ensure hercomplexion and attractive good looks were not diminished as nature took itscourse.


“A friend of mine had come acrossadaptive oxygen therapy and was using the thinAir machine at home. She ravedabout how it had helped her, and she looked fantastic. I’m sure she won’t mindme saying, but she looks far younger than her years, and I was impressed.


“I’ve always steered clear of stufflike Botox. But staying young as long as I possibly can is an absolute driverfor me.


“A couple of friends had already usedthe machine and they all said they were feeling great, so I decided to give ita go.


“They say that you should start tofeel benefits after a couple of sessions, but for me I started feeling betterimmediately afterwards, so I bought one then and there.


“At the time I was definitely goingthrough the menopause. I’d been suffering from hot flushes, night sweats and Iwas really struggling to sleep.


“This was particularly upsetting forme, because my lights used to go out the second my head hit the pillow.


“The menopause was ruining my life,and I wanted to do something about it without resorting to HRT.


“After I completed my first 15 sessioncourse, which is what the inventor Chris Kavanagh recommends, I felt like a newwoman, ten years younger.


“Even my children, who are teenagersand wouldn’t notice if I’d grown horns, said that I looked so much better.


“The difference was staggering. Withina month, my hot flushes disappeared, I was sleeping really well.”


After carrying on with regular30-minute sessions from the comfort of her own home, Feriel began to feel morebenefits of adaptive oxygen therapy – the chronic pain in her shouldervanished.


“My shoulder went back to normal. Itis incredible. thinAir is the cause of my recovery, and it still contributes tomy wellness to this day. I’m fitter now than I’ve ever been, and I constantlyget complemented on my complexion and how luscious hair is.


“Honestly, it was absolutely amazing.I feel so much better, younger and bursting with energy.  Now I use the machine three- or four-timesweek, just to keep myself feeling tip top.


“I believe it has helped me maintain ahealthy weight, so I’m not gaining those extra pounds that often creep on whena woman is going through the menopause.


“I am 52 but nobody thinks I look myage at all. After just 15 sessions on thinAir, my menopause symptoms vanished,and my shoulder went back to normal after years of pain.


“As well as the anti-ageing benefits,I could see the difference it made to my fitness training sessions.


“I put it all down to the benefits ofadaptive oxygen therapy. It is so natural and is part of my routine life now.


“My husband Roger is a competitivecyclist but was such a cynic about the machine and adaptive oxygen therapy.


“He was so sceptical at first, butafter seeing how thinAir was helping me, he decided to give it a try.


“Now he is a changed man and goes onthe machine more than I do.”




Inventor and former sports coachChristopher Kavanagh has spent 12 years working alongside scientists andengineers to create thinAir, a unique wellness therapy machine, that is theonly at home device in the world to offer adaptive hypoxic oxygen training.

Christopher explained: “Combining the science of intermittenthypoxic therapy with sophisticated software, we have created a world first inadaptive oxygen therapy that is changing the way people live and making pain athing of the past.

“While there are other oxygen therapymachines on the market, and altitude training chambers, thinAir is uniquebecause it is the only adaptive device, which changes the amount of oxygenautomatically, depending on how the user is reacting.”

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