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A Britishwelltech company has teamed up with one of the UK's leading addiction treatmentclinics to provide vital technological assistance to their patients, in a dealworth upwards of six figures.


Beat MyAddictions, led by addiction survivor Chris Hill, has invested in five thinAirmachines for their clinics and wellness retreat, to provide revolutionary newadaptive oxygen therapy devices for their clients.


thinAir, inventedby former sports coach Christopher Kavanagh, is creating a stir in the wellnessindustry, as increasingly large numbers of people are seeing the benefits ofthe device's patented intermittent hypoxic oxygen training.


The Beat MyAddictions deal represents the largest single investment in ChristopherKavanagh’s UK-wide business, with Beat My Addictions taking five thinAirmachines, a shining example of the faith Chris Hill has in the machine'sability to help treat addictions.


Chris said:"I have seen a lot of different therapies to treat addiction, but in myopinion, thinAir is the most successful way.


"I'vewitnessed many times, during the initial 15-session course, the machine helpspeople start to feel good about themselves, which is vital if they want to beataddictions.


"As wellas those in recovery, we work with people with ADHD, autism and otherconditions, and we've seen first hand how thinAir can help them.


"As soonas we got our first thinAir machine, we could see the benefits immediately.


"It wasthe missing piece of the puzzle that we needed to help treat addiction, becauseit works immediately to help reprogram the minds of users by helping resettheir dopamine levels so they move away from substance dependence.


"We haveso many people to help, so getting more devices, and making sure they are inall of our clinics, was a vital investment for us to make."


Beat MyAddictions is going from strength-to-strength, and their next clinic is set toopen up in Canary Wharf later this year.


Their thinAircourse initially consists of 15 sessions, each lasting around 40 minutes, beingcompleted within three weeks, followed by additional ‘top-up’ treatments.


The use ofoxygen therapy is not new, but thinAir is unique because it is the onlyadaptive device in the world, which changes the amount of oxygen a userreceives automatically, depending on how their body is reacting.


The machine delivers personalisedoxygen therapy programmes to support an individual in order to allow the bodyto recover, repair and regenerate.


The smartdevice can be used for a number of different conditions, including addiction,as it creates a special state within the user's body that has a wide variety ofbenefits.


thinAirmachines restrict the amount of oxygen users take in, but by measuring metrics,including heart rate, the device makes sure that they are getting the rightamount to cause the body to enter a healing state.


TheManchester-based thinAir company is seeing rapid expansion in its business asthe number of clinics operating their machines across the UK is increasing allthe time.


Christophersaid: "We are delighted to have supplied Beat My Addictions with so manymachines.


"This isthe most number of machines operated by one company, and we know Chris and hisdedicated team will use them to bring help to as many people as they can.


"Thereare a great number of different applications for thinAir, ranging from generalwellness to injury recovery, and from chronic medical conditions to addictiontherapy.


“Combining thescience of intermittent hypoxic therapy with sophisticated software, we havecreated a world first in adaptive oxygen therapy that is changing the waypeople live.


“Bystimulating the removal of inflammation from the brain and body, you can begina process of recovery from injury, repair and elimination of damaged cells andthe regeneration of new cells full of vitality."


Chriscurrently operates two thinAir machines at his clinic in Sidcup, south eastLondon, and another in their clinic on the Isle of Wight.


The final twounits are at Beat My Addictions' wellness retreat, also on the Isle of Wight,and Chris hopes the increased capacity will help hundreds more people withtheir addictions.


He said:"We have used other cellular therapies to help patients, but nothing worksas well as thinAir.


"It helpsreset serotonin levels in the brain and helps the body release dopamine undernormal circumstances, something which people suffering from addiction lack, astheir brains end up becoming dependent on substances to feel good.


"thinAirstops all that, and greatly helps people overcome their addictions by helpingtheir brains function normally again

"And thefact all this comes from just breathing into a machine is incredible - there'snothing like this on the market, and we've found that whoever uses thinAir hasa far greater chance, and an easier time, beating their addictions.


"It isthe fast track for people on the road to recovery, and it's great."


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