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A mum felt like ending it all after not beingable to sleep for three years, until she discovered revolutionary new wellnesstechnology that saved her life.

Ailsa Harby (corr) says that her life was savedby using thinAir, the world's first adaptive oxygen therapy machine, aftersuffering years of hell following major surgery.

The carer, from Kendal, Cumbria, felt likeending it all before she bumped into old pal Adam Patterson, who told her tocome to his nearby clinic for the revolutionary new treatment, which helps thebody enter a recovery state by restricting oxygen.

She said: "I was at my wits end.

"Fibromyalgia had totally broken me, and Icouldn't cope with it any more.

"But thinAir changed all that - it changedeverything. I got my life back."

Ailsa's downward health spiral began in 2018,when she had open throat surgery to have a neck vertebrae disc removed.

Her recovery after the major surgery was stuntedby fibromyalgia, which she had previously been in control of, and she was leftsuffering with a host of debilitating conditions, including migraines, chronicback ache, insomnia, depression and insomnia.

The 41-year-old said: "I tried everythinggoing, and nothing was working.

"I went through three years of hell, brokensleep and pain and was constantly in and out of hospital.

"Every day was pain, and I was convinced Iwas dying. I think I wanted to die.

"But after I discovered thinAir, it totallychanged my life.

"After the fifth session, I remember goinghome and having the first night of good sleep that I'd had in three years.

"By the end of the course of 15 sessions,my symptoms had disappeared, and they have never reappeared.

"I go on thinAir now about once a week, andat 41-years-old, I've never felt better.

"I'm a completely new woman, and it's alldown to thinAir."

Adam runs the thinAir Cinic in Kendal, where he has used thinAir on a number ofclients to help change their lives.

While thinAir machines are available at clinicsall over the country, Adam is planning on having the first mobile thinAirmachine, which he will take to customers' houses so they can complete the15-session course, spread out over three weeks, at home.

Invented by Manchester-based ChristopherKavanagh, the thinAir machine delivers personalised oxygen therapy programmesto support an individual in order to allow the body to recover, repair andregenerate.

The initial course consists of 15 sessions, eachlasting around 40 minutes, being completed within three weeks, followed byadditional ‘top-up’treatments, which Ailsa does weekly.

The smart device can be used for a number ofdifferent conditions, as it induces a special state within the user's body thathas a wide variety of benefits, including recovery.

Ailsa, a mum of two teenage girls, added:"I didn't think anything could help me, my body was broken and I felt likethe tin man.

"But then I discovered thinAir, andeverything changed.

"Now I have never felt better, and I telleveryone that it's all down to adaptive oxygen therapy."


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